Memory Keepers: Honoring and sustaining a shared culture of dignity, remembrance and strength for Holocaust survivors, their families and future generations. Combatting ignorance, misinformation and revisionism. Creating an educational platform, materials and guidance for schools, organizations, journalists and individuals committed to keeping the truth of the Holocaust, along with the culpability of not only the Nazi regime, but also their allies and collaborators.

Zachor. Gedenk. Remember.

Memory Keepers was inspired by the lifelong commitment to true Holocaust/Shoah education by David Weingarten, Z”L who passed away on June 4, 2015. He filled our world with love and a sense of responsibility to always pursue justice, most especially in the case of Holocaust survivors.

A more robust version of this website and online tools will be coming later in 2018.

We are grateful for any and all donations to help support our mission along the way. If you’d like to offer your advice, help or resources, please contact us to find out how to become involved.

Thank you for your support and love in keeping our father’s mission burning strong, Rachel Weingarten and Rebecca “Kiki” Weingarten